Trips to pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand

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Trips to pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Pilgrimage Trekking

Uttarakhand has some of the holiest religious destinations for Hindus from all over the world. Some of the holiest Hindu pilgrimage sites such as Kedarnath, Badrinath, Joshimath and many others are situated in pristine Himalayan mountains away from the hustle and trouble of human civilisation. Most of these pilgrimage sites are fairly inacces

Himalayas Pilgrimage trips

sible even now and are open to travelers and pilgrims only for a few months in a year. Glaciers of two holiest rivers in India, Ganga and Yamuna are also in the same region and are called Gangotri and Yamunotri. Visit to some of these places is considered a must do for Hindus. A lot of pilgrims travel to the glaciers and bring back sacred water from these glaciers as a religious ritual.

Travel Packages Include:

  • TRANSPORT : Trek on foot and car for long distance, Bus,Train or Air.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Campsites, small guesthouses, hotels.
  • ENDURANCE LEVEL: Low to Medium.
  • ACTIVITIES: Trekking, Camping, Mountain climbing, Bird watching, Meditation, Hiking, Yoga, Pilgrimage
  • DURATION: Variable
  • MEALS: Variable
  • COST: Variable

A lot of people visit these places not just for spiritual satisfaction but also to explore nature. Some of the places are visited by tens of thousands of pligrims every month whie they are open while others get only a few due to difficulty of terrain and weather.
We arrange treks and journeys to various such sites in Uttarakhand for tourists from all over the world. Some tourists want to visit these places in company of pilgrims while others like to do it when the pilgrims are still away. We cater to both type of tourists and help them explore the nature as well as the spiritual side of Himalayas asthey wish. There are no set plans or tour packages and each tour itinerary is designed according to needs of guests, time period and local conditions like amount of rush, weather etc.
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