Har Ki Dun Trek

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Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun Trek

Har ki dun, the valley of Gods is below the Fateh Parvat and is a very scenic valley in the midst of the Himalayan beauty, of Gharwal. The route most popular with the trekkers is via Govind National Park. We take this route and come across a lot of insects and lovely chirping birds, flowers and animals like the musk deer, wild goats and so on. You will also see glaciers and mountain streams, forests in the Alps and rolling Meadows. The trek being easy you can get the thrill of observing the beautiful and majestic mountains. Anyone in relatively good health can attempt this trek as it is easy.

Tour Details:

TRANSPORT: In private or shared car with driver and foot.
ACCOMMODATION: Camps, guesthouse.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to medium.
ACTIVITIES: Trekking, Bird watching, Meditation, Hiking, sightseeing, bird watching, wildlife spotting, camping
DURATION: 7 to 9 Days
MEALS: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
COST: US $ 200 onwards

Trek Schedule

DAY 1: Arrive at Sankri
From Rishikesh we reach Sankri, our destination in 5 hours and from Dehradun we reach there in 7 hours. Sankri is located at an altitude of 2000m. We reach there in the evening and relax for the day. We explore our natural surroundings and look at the lovely snow covered Himalayas. We stay in the camp for the night. The option of staying in the guest house is also available.
DAY 2: Sankri to Seema – Taluka
A hot cup of tea in the cold morning is exactly what you need, along with your breakfast. We, then start the trek as we walk to a small hamlet called Taluka, 12 kms aindia-himalayas-mountains-viewway. IT would take around 4 hours and we partake of our lunch there, then we have some rest to relax our tired legs and again start walking to reach Seema village at 2700m altitude, 14 kms away. While trekking you will encounter very beautiful flowers, such as the roses and some plants like the deodar and chestnut. If you feel that 26 kms in a day is a lot to take, we can extend this trip in two days, staying at Sankri for one night and Taluka for the other. A pleasant waterfall meets us as we approach Taluka
DAY 3: Taluka – Osla
Now, we proceed to Osla, which is a small hamlet amongst the natural, lovely surrounding mountains. If we are lucky we may also see some wild boar, leopard, deer and such animals and birds. We stop at Dhatmir, for rest and relaxation. And then resume our walk as we are constantly met with scenery along with wild orchids, and butterflies. Dinner and night in the tent.
DAY 4: Osla – Har Ki Dun
Packing up our camping gear at Osla, we trek towards our next destination, Har ki Dun. 11kms away from Osla and it takes about 5 hours to reach there. Here we see the glorious glaciers Swargarohini and Juandar at 6200 m altitude. The scene does not change much, but the beauty of the glaciers is breathtaking. Reaching our camping site, we set up our tents and spend the day relaxing there, enjoying the lovely and serene surroundings of the Himalayan Mountains and the forests. We have a day free at Har ki Dun, where we can do some of our own exploration and discover the place. Sunset and sunrise there are exceptionally beautiful.
DAY 5: Har Ki Dun – Osla
Back to Osla on our return trip. We walk to Taluka if the tourists want to and enjoy beautiful sights again. As the route gets familiar, we are more relaxed and can better appreciate the wonders of nature that we observe. Shortcuts are available and can be taken if wanted to reduce the time taken by an hour or so, but they are not meant for all.
DAY 6: Osla – Sankri
From Osla we trek for another long 26 km to reach Sankri, taking about 9 hours or so. Again, the early morning we start early to reach Sankri before dark. We put up a bonfire and enjoy our last night in the lap of the Himalayas.
DAY 7: Back to Rishikesh, Dehradun etc.
Back to our destinations with memories forever.

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