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Eco Friendly Travel Hiking in india

Soul Mountain is about making travel interesting, hassle free while keeping the natural beauty of the destinations intact. We organise and promote various types of sightseeing tours, hikes, treks and  activities which help travelers discover the best and undiscovered destinations in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. Our purpose is to raise awareness and appreciation of natural order of things among tourists as well as locals. Involving locals who have a stake in the whole venture makes sure that our guests get only the most authentic experience.  We specialise in providing travel services solo travelers, couples and small group of friends families etc. instead of large groups. Some of our tour options are:

Village tours and more.


Places to stay for travelers If you are the kind of traveler who feels more comfortable in smaller, more intimate accommodations rather than big, luxury hotels, you have come to the right place. We offer various types of options for hotels, homestays, guest houses and camping in numerous places across Himcahal Pradesh. These can be used for short night over as you travel from one place to another or for a longer duration for your more leisurely vacation. We offer accommodations in varied places like orchards, suburbs, small remote villages and even in stark wilderness.
Homestay : Instead of a generic hotel, spend some time with a local family in their home as their guest. Experience the genuine hospitality which the Himachali people are famous for, observe their daily way of life from up close, enjoy some awesome authentic local food and add new family members to your life.
Camps : Available on request in many places in wilderness, spend the night under stars in some of the most beautiful and amazing places on earth. Included by default in many trekking tours.
Guest House: Small individual or family run accommodations which offer you privacy and facilities like those of a high quality hotel, but with a more personal touch. Ideal for families, group of friends on a relaxing vacation.
Hotels : Small, no-frills, yet clean and comfortable hotels. Ideal for short stays or multiple days as per your requirement.

Social Work  

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Ideal travel is beneficial for the eco-systems and socio-economic structure of the destination. We strive to minimise the negative impact that irresponsible tourism entails and promote practices which are beneficial for the planet. It is easier said than done, but we do our best. Additionally, we try to support the local village economies by hiring locals, sourcing supplies locally and participating in various social work projects.  Some of our projects are:
Promotion of eco-friendly responsible tourism.
Use of renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, bio-mass.
Rain water harvesting.
Sourcing of supplies, food from local villages.
Support for local artisans, farmers, guides, porters.
Helping local children with their education.