Learning Yoga in Rishikesh

Rishikesh Yoga Tour

Rishikesh on banks of holy Ganga river is one of the best destinations in India for a relaxing holiday with a wide varity of activities including adventurous stuff such as hiking, rafting, kayaking, camping as well as more sedate stuff such as meditation, yoga, sightseeing etc. As Rishikesh is the first point in journey of Ganga from towering peaks of Himalayas as it enters the north Indian plains for the first time, a lot of people visit Rishikesh to have te best of both worlds. Apart from adventure holidays, we help people connect to their spiritual side in Rishikesh too. Following Rishikesh tour itinerary is meant for spiritual tourists who want to learn about yoga, meditation and Hindu spirituality during their vacation. Please note that it’s a sample itinerary meant as an example and can be modified in any way to suit the requirements of the guests. The yoga and mediataion activities mentioned are just meant as examples and vary according to type of activities chosen and needs of the guests.

DAY 1: Arrival in Rishikesh rishikesh view from Lakhsman Jhula

We’ll leave Delhi by luxury bus or car and arrive in Rishikesh after a drive of 5-6 hours. Lunch or dinner at arrival after checkin at hotel and rest of the day free for sightseeing or rest.

DAY 2: Introduction to Yoga and Meditation

This day will begin with an early morning Yoga and meditation class which will explain the basic principles, requirements and benefits of Yoga. There will be a small training session in which the guests will learn a few basics and beginner asanas (Yoga positions) from a trained instructor. After a bit of rest, it’ll be time for light lunch and rest of the day can be spend exploring Rishikesh, We’ll visit Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhua, 2 suspension bridges and areas nearby  to explore the town. In evening we’ll relax on the sandy banks of river Ganga and enjoy the view of evening aarti (Hindu worship ritual) near Ram Jhula.

DAY3: Learning to breathe

Beginning of this day will be dedicated to learning various kinds of Yoga asanas and breathing techniques. The beginner yogis will learn how to control their breathing and control their wandering mind. According to most Yoga practioners, this is the most vital requirement to leanr yoga and benefit from it. It’s hard at first, but gets easier with time and practise. After an early lunch, it’s time to explore Neer Gadu and Gadu Chatti waterfalls which are about one hours drive from Rishikesh.

Day 4: Learning more Yoga Asanas

Yoga class of this day will teach you more yoga asanas and proper way to do them for maximum benefit. Different yoga asanas have different benefits ranging from weight loss to healing injuries to helping cure different disease to increasing stamina and strength. Some of these yoga asanas are tough and should be done only under expert supervision. This day will be a bit tiring for beginner yogis and a bit of relaxation will be provided by ayurvedic massage session to help loosen tired limbs.

Day 5: Sunrise trek

This day will begin with a trek to Kunjapuri temple for the sunrise sightseeing. We’ll leave before dawn and reach Kunjapuri temple to enjoy the view of beautiful sunrise over Rishikesh.  After having breakfast, you can then trek or ride back to Rishikesh on a bike or car. The evening will be spent practising all the yoga asanas that you learnt previously under the watchful eye of your yoga instructor.

Day 6: Rafting the Ganges

The morning will be spent practising the yoga asanas that you learnt earlier and learning a few more yoga asanas and meditation techniques.  The new asanas will be more strenuous and will stretch your abilities. After that, it’ll be time to reward yourselves with an adrenaline pumping rafting session on river Ganga. The guests can choose the length of rafting according to their preferences . The shortest rafting journey os of 2 hours and the longest may take 5 hours or more. Multi day rafting and kayaking expeditions are also arranged.

Day 7: Yoga Life

This session will teach you to incorporate all that you learnt in to your daily lives. You will learn to make use of breathing techniques and various yoga asanas in your daily life to make it less stressful, healthy and enjoyable. You are free to exchange notes with other practitioners and ask questions from your yoga instructors for as long as you want. In afternoon, we’ll visit Vashishtha Cave near sandy banks of Ganga a few km from Rishikesh for sightseeing, contemplation and meditation.

Day 8: End of journey

Day 8 will be the last day of this tour and we’ll drive back to Delhi or other destination to end this spiritual journey in Rishikesh.

Services Provided

  • TRANSPORT : In private or shared car with driver, bike, bus or foot.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Hotel, Guest house, Ashram.
  • ACTIVITIES: Yoga,  Meditation, Hiking,  sightseeing, Bird watching, bike rides;
  • DURATION: 3 days or more
  • MEALS: Breakfast, dinner.
  • COST: From  US $ 600 onwards