Lahaul Spiti Custom Tours

Custom Tour Packages for Lahaul Spiti

A holiday unrestricted by a rigid plan or schedule is  the most enjoyable and best way of enjoying a vacation in any place in world and is specially true for a vacation in Lahaul Spiti valley region. We help travelers in designing their own vacation packages in any way they want. Tourists can contact us to get some help with planning their trip like choosing the attractions they wish to see, cultural and adventure activities they can enjoy, places they want to visit,  type of accommodations they’d like to spend the night in, mode of transport, meals and duration of the trip.

Himachal-Pradesh- Spiti-monks This type of tour package is among the most popular because the tourists have the freedom to choose almost every single aspect of their tour packages from a large variety of options.  Actual cost of such tour packages in Lahaul Spiti depends upon  the services availed. In order to help tourists reduce cost of their tours,  we help them in a lot of ways like cheaper hotels, guest houses , shared group tours with other tourists, shared taxis and buses instead of private ones for transport,  and much more.

Another positive aspect of this type of tour package is that the travelers are not bound in any way by restrictions like with other pre-packaged travel itineraries. In these tours, tourists can choose to stay in a place or indulge in any kind of activity they want according to their own wishes without messing with any kind of rigid schedule.

  • TRANSPORT : In private or shared car or SUV with driver.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Hotels, guest houses, home stays & campsites.
  • ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert. Depends upon destinations and activities chosen.
  • ACTIVITIES:  Trekking, Camping,   Mountain climbing, Jungle safari, Bird watching, Motorcycle rides, Cultural activities, Meditation, Yoga,  Volunteer activities
  • DURATION: Variable
  • MEALS: By choice


Price of such a travel packages in Lahaul Spiti and nearby locations starts from USD 50 per day .  Contact us for more information.