Q 1: What kind of travel options do you offer ? india mountain tours

A: We offer travel services for people who love nature and are willing to spend some effort in maintaining the natural beauty of the places they visit as it is in addition to helping locals. Our tours are best enjoyed by following:

  • People who just want a quiet vacation away from crowds and noises of cities. Check our accommodations and short tours.
  • Thrill and adventure seekers who wish to challenge their limits. Check our treks and other adventure activities.
  • People who need a short weekend break in mountains.

Q 2: Are there any restrictions ?

A: Some of the activities like treks marked MEDIUM or DIFFICULT, mountain climbing among a few other activities are advisable only for people with some experience or those in extremely good physical and mental condition. Some of our tours will take you to altitudes in excess of 4000 m. Normally it’s not a problem with proper acclimatisation, but it’s better to consult a doctor just in case.

Q 3: We are a group of friends / family /office group. What are our options ? travel in mountains of India

A: We specialise in arranging  private and customised trips for solo travelers, couples and small groups of friends and families. That being said, customised travel itineraries for almost any size of group are arranged on request. Fill up the contact form or email us at info @ soulmountain.in with your requirements and we’ll arrange something suitable for you.

Q 4: I can’t make up my mind with the travel itineraries offered on your website or I want something else.

A: We are adding new destinations and activities all the time. Contact us with details about what you want and we may be able to help you out with a customised itinerary with places and activities of your choice.

Q 5: What kind of social work you are involved with ? 

A:  A part of our revenue goes for education of less privileged children in various different places. We work with local authorities and NGOs in projects like forest & wildlife conservation, planting of trees, cleaning of water bodies and help with conservation of local lifestyles and cultures. We are providing assistance to numerous small village communities to promote and sell the local produce like pickles, jams, spices, handicrafts etc.  Almost all of our staff like drivers, porters and guides are from the local villages you visit.

Q 6: How can I help with your social work ?

A: We are always happy to have our guests show interest in our social work. We can use your help with tree plantation, cleaning and such other community work in a number of places. Additionally, spreading the word is also highly appreciated.

Q 7: Can we bring children or pets ?

A: With a few restrictions, yes. Just let us know beforehand and arrangements will be made accordingly.

Q 8: What are costs, inclusion and exclusions ?

A: A tentative cost for each tour is provided on it’s page. The actual cost maybe a bit lower or higher depending upon factors like availability of accommodation, vehicles, guides, season etc. We’ll provide a full quote upon request.

Facilities included in tour cost:

  1. Transport with pickup and drop from specified city in a car, van or SUV.
  2. Breakfast as mentioned, lunch and dinner in certain places and during treks.
  3. Accommodation in clean hotels, guesthouses, campsites and homestays in different areas.
  4. Camping equipment on trekking trips, camping etc.
  5. Service tax, toll, parking and other local charges.

Facilities not included in tour cost:

  1. Cost of permits if needed for some nationalities in certain areas.
  2. Services of a guide for sightseeing will cost extra.
  3. More porters or mules than the number provided by default.
  4. Trekking and camping equipment, shoes, sticks, etc.
  5. Cost of air and train tickets.

Q 10: What are cancellation charges ?

A: Any trip planning requires a lot of back end work, advance bookings and payments to various parties and vendors which utilise serious amount of effort, time and expenses. If you book a tour with us and need to cancel for any reason, we try our best to refund as much money as possible according to following rules:

  • Cancellation 20 Days or more days before the date of arrival, then deduction of 50% total deposit amount as Cancellation Charges.
  • Cancellation 10 Days or more days before the date of arrival, then deduction of 70% total deposit amount as Cancellation Charges.
  • Cancellation less than 10 days before the date of arrival, then no refund is possible.

During the trip, there may be some issues like road blockages, bad weather and others which are quite common in Himalayas. If there is any change or delay in travel plans due to any such event, then only the extra cost incurred for accommodation, food, transport and other expenses will have to be born by the client.

Q 11: What should I bring with me on a trekking trip ?

A: We recommend following equipment :

  1. Small backpack to hold the day walk supplies.
  2. Luggage in rucksack (60-70 ltr) suitable to be carried by self or porters.
  3. Warm clothes, wind-cheater, scarf, hat, sun-glasses, sunscreen, comfortable hiking shoes, thick socks, rain coat or poncho.
  4. Personal medical kit, water bottle (with filter), snacks.
  5. Toilet paper, wet wipes, soap.
  6. Torch, multi-tool, trekking pole, basic cutlery, plastic bag
  7. A bag to collect own trash.

Q 10: I can’t find answer to my queries here.

A: Please fill up contact form or email info @ soulmountain.in.