Chandrataal lake day hike

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Chandrataal lake day hike


Chandrataal Lake is a popular hiking and camping destination in Spiti region It’s altitude is 4300 meters and is one of the highest wetlands anywhere in the world. The lake is within a day or 2 days trek (depending upon the route) from Samudri Tapu, source of Chandra river which flows through Spiti Valley and is a major tributary of Chenab river.The lake itself is an important site for locals and is source of many myths and folktales of the region. The crystal clear waters of the lake attract people as well as some rare birds and animals at different seasons. The expansive grasslands near Chandrataal lake are home to numerous types of wild flowers as well as source of food for many wild animals as well as flocks of local Gaddi shepherds.

While camping in the authorised campsite, guests have two options of seeing the lake. They can either drive towards lake via the rough road or hike via a more scenic route through the mountains. This hiking route passes through numerous interesting sights such as imposing view of Chandra river, Samudri Tapu in distance, small meadows, temporary ponds and numerous other little interesting sights which most people never see.

BEST FOR: Seeing Chandra Taal lake and surrounding area in detail.

Chandrataal lake Trip Summary:
Day 1: Walk to lake on a hiking trail. Walk around lake and grassland nearby. Lunch.
BEST SEASON: May to October. Possible rest of year on request.
WEATHER: Afternoons can be a bit warm during summer. Cold otherwise with strong winds.
EQUIPMENT: None necessary.


We will start walking towards the lake early morning from a hiking trail which starts near the camp site. We will climb up the route and walk through an area with some streams, grass, wild flowers and numerous other little things which add stars to beauty of the region. On the way, we will come across some temporary ponds formed by snow melt and rains. Some points on the way offer stunning views of mountains, Samudri Tapu glacier and Chandra river.

After reaching lake, we will rest for a few minutes before embarking on a walk around the lake. There is a plain area on other side of lake which is a favurite grazing ground for many flocks as well as wild animals. After spending some time there, we will walk back to campsite for a meal and rest.


  • Travel itineraries in the mountains don not necessarily run exactly as scheduled. Keep a buffer for delays due to weather, road conditions etc.
  • Any additional expenses caused by delays, medical condition, road blocks and other causes will be borne by the guests.
  • We recommend a comprehensive travel insurance and a medical checkup before the visit.
  • This tour covers some remote destinations in Spiti which have very limited phone coverage, unpredictable weather and high altitude.


  • Accommodation in Chandrataal campsite.
  • Meals, tea and non-bottled water in campsite,


  • Transport to campsite.
  • Personal expenses, refreshments during road journey, alcohol.
  • Anything not mentioned explicitly in the above program.


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