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Chicham Homestays & Guesthouses

Chicham is a small remote village only 45 minutes drive for Kaza and 3 km from Kibber. Yet it remained cutoff from tourist circuit till 2017 before a bridge was constructed over a deep gorge near Kibber. This Chicham bridge, the highest suspension bridge in Asia at 4200 m is itself a sight to see. Chicham is one of highest inhabited villages in the world and is also a great place for hiking, trekking, bird watching and wildlife spotting.

There are only a handful of small family run homestays and guesthouses in the tiny village.

  • COST: Between INR 1500 and INR 3500 per person per day with breakfast and dinner depending upon room & season. Discounts are applicable on longer duration stays.
  • AVAILABILITY: Most rooms are available throughout the year as long as roads are open.
  • FOOD: Delicious and nourishing local food is served. Some other dishes can be prepared on prior request if possible.
  • TRANSPORT: 22 km by road from Kaza. Daily local bus service from Kaza bus stand as well as local taxis are available.
  • NOTES:
    • Running water is not available in winters.
    • Phone coverage is not 100%

Check this link for a list of hikes available in Chicham and Kibber