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Learning Yoga in Mcleodganj and Dharmshala

Yoga holidays in Mcleodganj and Dharmsala

With great views and extreme peace, Dharmasala, and mcleodganj are great destinations to spend some quiet time in Mother Nature’s lap, being one with yourself. A great place to meditate, learn Yoga or Tibetan Buddhism. Tourists from over the world are seen here. The Yoga techniques have options to choose from, simpler ones like the sehaj Yoga or complex ones like the Hatha Yoga. It depends also on what kind of instructors are available at that time. Minimum sightseeing is done, but it can be increased if you wish to do so. Chose your own yoga type and meditation and that is how the duration of each tour can be adjusted. Look at the suggested schedule, and if you want some modifications, that can be arranged.

  • TRANSPORT: In bus, private or shared car with driver.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Hotels, guest houses, home stays.
  • ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert. Depends upon destinations and activities chosen.
  • ACTIVITIES: Meditation, Yoga, Volunteer activities, Bird watching, Cultural activities, Hiking
  • DURATION: 4 days or more
  • MEALS: By choice
  • COST: From USD 700 onwards

himachal-pradesh-travel himalayas mountains

Tour Itinerary

DAY 1: Welcome to Mcleodganj
From Delhi, Chadigarh or Amritsar, welcome to Mcleodganj. Today is the day we spend resting, and exploring Mcleodganj.
DAY 2: Yoga Introduction
We begin the day with a lovely yoga session early in the morning as we hear the birds chirping. This session explains the basics of Yoga, its requirements and multiple benefits. The guests are taught some basic simple Yoga postures, known as Yogasanas., by a trained instructor. Post some rest, and some light lunch, we spend the rest of the day discovering the beauties of Mcleodganj and Dharmsala, and visiting popular tourist sightseeing spots. One of them is Tsuglagkhang monastery. It contains three major idols of Sakyamuni Buddha, Avalokitesvara and Padmasambhava which are made of gilded bronze. Spiritually famous, it is a place not only important for Tibetan Buddhists but people the world over, as they come here to meditate or pray. Monks will be found debating and meditating here. We go to Norbulingka from there. This is also known as Jewel Garden and is famous for Tibetan culture and arts. A good place to do some small shopping of books and art. Then, we go to Dip Thekchen Choeling Monastery with it’s museum. It has a golden roof.
DAY 3: Beginning Yoga Asanas
On day 3, early in the morning, we start the yoga session in the park or in the ashram. These classes today will take up a more advanced form and Yoga postures will be slightly difficult and complex. These Assanas help to give a stretching to the entire body and in healing deep seated injuries and pain. A long session today, upto lunch, after which we take a walk to Bhagsu Naag temple and the Bhagsu waterfall. You may want to swim here in the pool besides the temple. If we have enough time, and there is still daylight, we can also go to St. John’s Church in the Wilderness.
DAY 4: Yoga for the soul
Soul Yoga or Meditation will be taught to you today as you will learn to control your sense, mind and body with various meditation exercises. Today’s class will help you relax and unwind and remove your focus from the stress of everyday life. Lunch will be served and after that a massage will be given to you. Hot shower may or may not follow. Sightseeing can be done or a pleasing walk to Dharmkot maybe undertaken.
DAY 5: Living like a Yogi
Today is the day you put all of the things so far learnt about meditation and Yoga to use and as you practice them and test the efficacy of the asanas, exercises in meditation, tips will be given to you to you to progress further. This session is important for utilizing all the information gathered to complete usage. Lunch and some rest and come for some sightseeing. We may go to Dal Lake, which is very picturesque and have a look at the grandeur of the sunset and Dhauladhar mountains.
DAY 6: Be a Yogi for life
Spend the morning meditating on all that you have gained in the 4 days of the meditation trip, giving more detail to the asanas. Learn a few more relatively difficult postures if you want. The instructor will be guiding you at each and every step. Interact with the instructor, fellow mates and spend the rest of the day sightseeing or exploring.
DAY 7: Return Home
Today we go homeward bound after your breakfast in a bus ride or car ride, as preferable, back to Chandigarh, or Delhi.

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Learning Yoga in Rishikesh

Rishikesh Yoga Tour

Situated on the banks of the river Ganga, Rishiskesh is one of the chosen destinations for tourists all over the world. Here you get to do a variety of activities like high energy river fating and kayaking, to adventurous hiking , trekking or camping or to go for the deeper meditation and yoga. The river Ganga marks its entry into Rishikesh from the northern terrain of India, The following travel schedule is meant for spiritual aspirants, but is only a sample and can be modified to suit your needs.

Travel package services: india-himalayas-mountains-travel (5)

TRANSPORT: In private or shared car with driver, bike, bus or foot.
ACCOMMODATION: Hotel, Guest house, Ashram.
ACTIVITIES: Yoga, Meditation, Hiking, sightseeing, Bird watching, bike rides;
DURATION: 4 days or more
MEALS: Breakfast, dinner.

COST: From  US $ 500 onwards

Tour Itinerary
DAY 1: Your first day in Rishikesh
Leaving Delhi by car or bus, we enter Rishikesh via a 5 to 6 hour journey. We have a lunch or dinner, as suited into our hotels, and spend the day in sightseeing.
DAY 2: Basics of Yoga
We begin today with an early morning yoga session that explains to you the basic underlying principles, benefits and the requirements of the science of yoga. This small training session will also help you to learn a few basic yoga postures meant for beginners. The yoga instructor will help you to learn them. We rest a little, take a light lunch and spend the rest of the day sight seeing in the city of Rishikesh. We can also opt to visit the Ram Jhula and the Laxman Jhula, two suspension bridges, an hour’s drive from Rishikesh. Alternatively, you may opt to do some sight seeing or rest at the hotel.
DAY3: Yoga and breathing
Today is dedicated to learning the various types of yoga postures. Along with these yoga postures, the instructor will also help you understand some basic breathing techniques that are the foundation of any yoga school. They are vital to help your mind rest and relax and get rid of the worries and tensions of daily life. An early lunch and now it is time to go to the Neer Gadu and Gadu Chatti waterfalls and explore the scenic beauty of nature at its best.
Day 4: Learning Yoga Asanas
In the yoga class of day 4, the instructor will be teaching you some more yogasanas and will focus on your way of breathing in such a way that the entire focus may bring maximum benefit to your health and well being. Many yogasanas are meant for simply stretching the body, some others have various underlying benefits like weight loss, healing and providing body harmony. Some of these asanas need to be done only under watchful eyes of the instructor. For beginners, this day may be a little exhausting and so some relaxation will be arranged in the form of an ayurvedic massage to ease away your aches and pains.
Day 5: See the Sunrise
What a better way to start the day then watching the sun rise over the scenic landscape of Rishikesh. We get up early in the morning, preferably before dawn, and start our journey to the Kunjapuri temple. Her we observe the sun rising over the clouds in its majesty. After breakfast, we ride back to Rishikesh in the car or trek back to Rishikesh if you love hiking. We will spend the evening revising all the yoga asanas and practicing them with the instructor for guidance.
Day 6: River Rafting in Ganga
Another morning session going into the details of the asanas that we have learnt and learning some more of them. Today is also the time to go through the meditation techniques. The yoga instructor may choose to teach you some more yoga postures depending upon your capacity. Reward yourself with the river rafting session on the river Ganga. It is a thrilling experience for most people. The duration of the rafting can be adjusted from anything between 2 to 5 hours. For people who love adventure sports, we have arrangements for multi-day rafting and kayaking adventures.
Day 7: Life with Yoga
Take whatever you have learnt back with you and incorporate it into your daily lives to ease out your tensions and your worries. As you become more proficient in making use of the breathing techniques and following the yoga practices regularly, it will make a big difference in your life. In the afternoon, we go to visit the Vashishtha cave. This is located a few kilometers form Rishikesh on the bank of the river Ganga. This is a good site for sight seeing and also for meditation.
Day 8: End of the trip
This day marks the end of this spiritual trip as we head back to Delhi or any other destination.

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Triund & McLeodganj Hikes

Mcleodganj to Triund Hikes

These are some of the easiest treks in this region and so a great choice for beginners as they gradually acquaint themselves to mountains. Experts also have fun dong this trek due to its magnificent views of the Dhauladhar mountain range. The altitude is low and the trek is simple make it accessible for anyone.

Travel package Services

TRANSPORT: On foot. Himachal-Pradesh- stream-hiking
ACCOMMODATION: Guest houses & campsites.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert.
ACTIVITIES: Trekking, Hiking, Mountain climbing, Bird watching, Meditation
DURATION: 1 to 3 Days
MEALS: Packed lunch, juice, fruits.
COST: From USD 100

DAY 1: McLeodganj -Triund and back
(Altitude 2975 m, Distance 9 Km)
. The Triund ridge has an exceptional view of the Kangra valley below as it is majestically surrounded by the mountains of the Dhauladhar range. We will typically begin the trekking from Dharmkot. As we walk through wonderful forests of rhododeron we can recognize rhododeron, devdar and many other trees. We will also spot plenty of beautiful butterflies and tiny ladybugs. After lunch and rest, and visit to a small temple we get rejuvenated.
.We walk back to Mcleodganj following the same trail or we may also go through Bhagsung to view a picturesque waterfall and return to Mcleodganj.


This 2 day trek will involve night stay on the Triund ridge in camp on 1st day. Instead of coming back, we’ll explore the triund ridge, visit a small temple up the trail and rest while enjoying the views.
DAY 2: Back to home.
We enjoy the early morning sunrise and have a hot breakfast. We then go back to Mcleodganj on foot. Alternatively, we can go to Bhagsung and enjoy the sights of the waterfall, and then from there we can go to Mcleodganj.


DAY 2: Triund – Snowline Trek
The snowline of Triund is actually a glacial at the base of a glacier called Got , the position of which changes from season to season. Lunch there and we return to Triund for night stay. Altitude is 3350 m and distance is 4 km
DAY 3: Return to McLeodganj
After breakfast we come back to the same route or we may also go to Bhagsung temple and waterfall, and take in the sights and sounds. A 15 min walk and we reach Mcleodganj

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Mcleodganj Dharmshala Custom Designed Tours

Mcleodganj Dharmshala Custom Travel Packages

Travel Package Includes:

  • TRANSPORT : By bus, private or shared car with driver, air.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Hotels, guest houses, home stays & campsites.
  • ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert. Depends upon destinations and activities chosen.
  • ACTIVITIES: Trekking, Camping, Mountain climbing, Jungle safari, Bird watching, Cultural activities, Meditation, Yoga, Volunteer activities, Sightseeing.
  • DURATION: Custom
  • MEALS: By choice
  • COST: Variable

Every year, a lrge number of people visit the beautiful Mcleodganj and Dharmsala for different reasons. Some visit here to get lost in to the wilderness, do some bird spotting, and enjoy sight seeing. For some others places like Bhagsu Naag and ST. John’s Church in the wilderness show some attraction for their natural beauty. Mcleodganj serves as an origin point for entry for a number of treks in this region. For the spiritual souls, Mcleod ganj has much to offer in terms of learning yoga and meditation, working as a volunteer or simply gathering knowledge about Buddhism.  . You will fall in love with its untouched beauty and simplicity.

As we know that each tourist has his own set of specifications, and though we have an array of pre-planned holidays, to which we do keep adding, this may not be for you. If you are looking for something out of the box, we make customized holiday packages of Mcleodganj and Dharmsala, to suit the needs of travelers. Please contact us through the form or through email info @

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Rishikesh Adventure Water Sports

Kayaking and Rafting in Rishikesh

What a better way to spend your time in Rishikesh than experiencing the fast growing sport of Kayaking and Rafting. Experience the free flowing Ganga waters as they enter the plains of India from the higher altitudes of the Himalayas. This makes it comfortable to raft for newbie’s and pros alike. We have various gradations ranging from the sedate Grade I to the more gratifying Grade II and III+. You have multiple options here to choose between a 2-3 hour expedition or one that lasts for multiple days.
Supervised at all times, the kayaking expedition is done with a trained instructor. The guests first go to the starting point by car and then they are instructed briefly to make them aware, before entering the waters. Please listen and follow the instructions well as they are mandatory for your safety. A meal is provided if it is in the package. Then each guest receives paddles, safety gear, helmets and life jackets and we start the trip. All the guests have to pass a small test before they begin kayaking. At all times you will be accompanied by a trained guide.

Activity Features:

  • TRANSPORT : Rafts, Kayaks, In private or shared car with driver, bike or foot.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Beach or jungle camps.
  • ACTIVITIES: Kayaking, river rafting, swimming, Bird watching, Hiking, sightseeing,
  • DURATION: 3 Hours to 4 days
  • MEALS: According to choice

Short Duration Rafting at Rishikesh

Small but fun rafting trips are divided by the time and distance. Te smallest possible trip is 3 hours and the longest may take 5 hours or 36 km. Alternatively a 16 km trip is also undertaken. AS we go to the start point by driving, we take a small training session and after a meal (if included) start the rafting. As we always have experts to supervise, anyone can attempt these rafting sessions. The cost varies with regards to the duration of the trip and the size of your group.

3 Days Rafting Expedition: From Dev Prayag to Rishikesh

.Lasting for 3 whole days, this expedition starts at Dev Prayang and continues for three days to Rishikesh
DAY 1: Getting to know the River
As we drive to the starting place called Bhagwan near Dev Prayag, we meet the supervising instructors and the team who trains us and makes the necessary preparations. Starting with easy rapids, this is not very demanding. We spend a lot of time just knowing the river while we look at some wildlife or maybe have a swim. Night at beach camp.
DAY 2: Journey over waters.
On the second day we cover about 30 more kms including rest and meal stops, Again today is an easy time as we try our hand at a few rapids, but mostly pass through jungles with dense greenery and enjoy the sights of some village or wildlife. Night fall can be in a rest house or camp.
DAY 3: White waters
Going for some serious business, today we negotiate big and nice rapids. You will love their names. They are called Three blind mice, Cross fire, Daiel dip, Roller coaster , Golf course, Body surfing and the like. You will require immense concentration, body work and team spirit to crack these. The end is in downstream Rishikesh with a satisfying meal.

Kayaking at Rishikesh

There is not much difference between the just mentioned rafting and actual kayaking trip, except that you are not allowed to rent a kayak unless you pass the test. These rules are quite stringent, and each guest or group of guests are tested to see if they are comfortable handling the boat and their own selves. A guide will always accompany you. The good part is that a 4 day kayaking trip can be customized to suit your needs, Do let us know via the contact form or through our email:, if you need more information.

BySoul Mountain Expeditions

Honeymoon Travel Package of Lahaul Spiti

Come together to experience the various hues of the picture perfect surroundings of nature in a holiday packed with romance, adventure, spirituality, fun and sightseeing. This Lahaul- Spiti travel package is also suited for families and a small group of friends. This is not a travel package for people who want luxury, though the hotelsand other aspects are carefully designed to be as comfortable and romantic as possible.. It is more suited for people who love nature and want to enjoy the sights in company of their beloved one.

Travel Package Features:

  • TRANSPORT : In a private car or SUV with driver.
  • ACCOMMODATION: In hotels, guest houses and campsites.
  • ACTIVITIES: Camping, Trekking, Bird watching, Jungle safari, Cultural activities,
  • PHYSICAL LEVEL: Any one. Almost anyone can do it without any problem
  • DURATION: 11 Days
  • FOOD: Breakfast on all days.
  • COST:  US $ 1500 onwards

Day 1: Chandigarh – Shimla – Sarahan India Himalaya Mountains travel hiking trail

Starting from Shimla post breakfast or Chandigarh, we drive towards Sarhan. . As we cross Wangtu bridge on the way, we will reach Sarhan during evening hours. We might be lucky to check out Sarhan Bird Sanctuary and Bhim Kali temple.

Day 2: Sarahan – Reckong Peo – Kalpa

We go from Sarhan to Kalpa village.Kalpa village houses wondrous apple orchards and breathtaking meadows. A small town, Reckong Peo, here serves as the district headquarters for Kinnaur district and also serves as the starting point for journeys to the Spiti Valley. Our hotel here, is a lovely romantic getaway, between apple and cherry orchards, where you can spend some quality time.

Day 3: Kalpa – Puh – Nako – Sumdo

You will now witness the oncoming gradual terrain change as the scenery changes from greenery to the deserts of Spiti. We drive for 3-4 hours and reach Nako village, to spend the night there. The next day we go to visit an old Buddhist monastery to see hou Buddhist monks perform their rituals, From there , we head to Nako lake, an awesome and amazing spec of land showing the beauty of the mountains as we walk towards it.

Day 4: Tabo

Hereafter we reach the Tabo monastery in Tabo. It has a history of 1000 years and is one of the oldest monuments with respect to Buddhist monasteries. Particularly famed for its Thanka paintings and plenty of artifacts, Tabo monastery is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The entry gate has walls made of earth, splattered with frescoes. A breathtaking pillar of a Thousand Buddhas will catch your attention. The entire area occupies 6300 square kms. The wall paintings show the Buddha’s life in various stages along with Tibetan style Jataka paintings. Next on the cards is a visit to special mountain caves used by monks for their meditation

Day 5: Tabo – Dhankar – Lalung

We start the drive to Dhankar lake, the ancient capital of Spiti during the rule of kings. Here, we come across the remains of an ancient castle and a monastery of the 16th century. High o the top of a mountain is the town which overlooks the whole picturesque valley. We then walk to Dhankar lake, a walk of about 90 minutes.
We walk towards the Lalung village. This is very beautiful and has the famous statue of the 3 cornered Buddha. It is believed that the Buddha keeps an eye on all the directions. Famous for its legend, it is believed that Rinchen Zangpo, the founder of almost all monasteries in the Lahaul- Spiti region planted a willow tree and told the villagers that if it happens to grow, build a monastery around it. You will see the tree ina gnarled shape in front of the monastery.

Day 6: Lalung – Kaza – Langcha

Baosting of the highest place inhabited by people the world over and also the highest motorable pass in the world, we come across Langcha village. Tourists will be able to see magnificent views of the valley with its sparkling waters of the Spiti river. We finally go to Shilla valley, where we observe the local villagers bringing their livestock to graze in the grasslands.
The two parts of Langcha, lower and upper are both beautiful. After having a hospitable Spitian lunch,we go to the 900 years old, ancient Buddhist temple. From there we embark to Komik, which is famous for its fossils in Langthis Natural Fossil Center. Then comes a visit to Komic monastery, known as the highest monastery in the world and another monstery near Hikkim village, destroyed earlier by an earthquake in 1975.

Day 8: Langcha – Kaza – Ki Monastry – Kibber India Himalaya Mountains travel Key monastery

Kibber road is our next drive, to visit the Ki monastery belonging to the Gelupga Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Here we find a boastful collection of beautiful paintings and old manuscripts. It is located at an altitude of 4120 meters. We then visit the biggest village in the Lahaul Spiti Area, Kibber village as we drive 4250 meters. This is an ideal place for wildlife photographers. We, then head to our hotel to relax, and call it a day.

Day 9: Kibber – Chicham

Passing the canyon, we move to Chicham village. For adventurers amongst you, we can opt for the jhoola ride, a local ropeway. The main attraction of this place is the sight of rare and exoctic spitian wildlife such as blue sheep, ibex, pika, golden cock, Himalayn wolf and ofcourse, if you a lucky enough, the snow leopard.

Day 10: Chicham – Chandrataal

We’ll drive towards Chandrataal Lake and pass Kunzum La pass which has a small shrine dedicated to Goddess Kunzum. We can either drive or trek to the lake via a 8 km long trekking route. Chandrataal Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes on the planet. It’s water is crystal clear and it looks even more beautiful on a full moon night. We’ll stay in a campsite for the night there.
A drive then follows to the Chandratal lake, extremely beautiful and clear. On the way we pass a shrine of the Kunzun goddess at the Kunzun La pass. It is your choice to either walk or trek for the 8 km distance to Chadrataal lake. We camp here for the night.

Day 11: Chandratal – Lohsar – Manali

Early morning we start for Manali. Depending on roads and the traffic it is a 6-8 hour drive, where we stop at Batal on th way for lunch and at the sell bound Rohtang pass for tea. On the journey we come across small settlements like the Chota Darra and Chatru. In the evening we arrive at Manali and take back memories to last a lifetime.

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Himalayan Adventure Holidays

A holiday in Himalayas is more than just mountain climbing and trekking. Different regions in Himalayas attract millions of tourists for a variety of reasons ranging from adventure to spirituality. We arrange various kinds of adventure holidays in Himalayas tailor made to budgets and preferences of each guest,

Our holiday and adventure facilities in Himalayas include camping, climbing, home stay, trekking and hotel facilities in the beautiful Lahaul Spiti valley region near India Tibet border. The average altitude of Spiti is above 4000 meters and is one of the least explored regions in India. Himachal-Pradesh- waterfall-hiking

You can contact us for any of the following adventure holiday options in Spiti region:

1) Trekking expeditions of all types. We will suggest routes, arrange guides, porters and equipment.

2) Camping holidays. Want to go camping without spending a fortune on expensive camping gear ? We’ll arrange a memorable camping trip for you near the stunningly beautiful Chandrataal lake and many other places in Lahaul SPiti.

3) Holidays in Himalayas. Go on a exciting and refreshing journey through Manali, Lahaul, Spiti and Shimla for a memorable holiday with camping, welcoming home stays, cosy hotels and trekking expeditions included.

4) Wildlife Tracking . Spend days in untouched wilderness spotting unique and very rare Himalayan wildlife like snow leopards, Himlayan bears, wolves, pikas, golden cocks and numerous types of migratory birds.

5) Mountain Biking and Driving. Explore the Himalayan roads on bikes or 4 wheel drives at your leisure and speed.

Please email us or fill up the contact form for a free quote and more information about your Himalayas trip.

BySoul Mountain Expeditions

Trips to pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Pilgrimage Trekking

Uttarakhand has some of the holiest religious destinations for Hindus from all over the world. Some of the holiest Hindu pilgrimage sites such as Kedarnath, Badrinath, Joshimath and many others are situated in pristine Himalayan mountains away from the hustle and trouble of human civilisation. Most of these pilgrimage sites are fairly inacces

Himalayas Pilgrimage trips

sible even now and are open to travelers and pilgrims only for a few months in a year. Glaciers of two holiest rivers in India, Ganga and Yamuna are also in the same region and are called Gangotri and Yamunotri. Visit to some of these places is considered a must do for Hindus. A lot of pilgrims travel to the glaciers and bring back sacred water from these glaciers as a religious ritual.

Travel Packages Include:

  • TRANSPORT : Trek on foot and car for long distance, Bus,Train or Air.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Campsites, small guesthouses, hotels.
  • ENDURANCE LEVEL: Low to Medium.
  • ACTIVITIES: Trekking, Camping, Mountain climbing, Bird watching, Meditation, Hiking, Yoga, Pilgrimage
  • DURATION: Variable
  • MEALS: Variable
  • COST: Variable

A lot of people visit these places not just for spiritual satisfaction but also to explore nature. Some of the places are visited by tens of thousands of pligrims every month whie they are open while others get only a few due to difficulty of terrain and weather.
We arrange treks and journeys to various such sites in Uttarakhand for tourists from all over the world. Some tourists want to visit these places in company of pilgrims while others like to do it when the pilgrims are still away. We cater to both type of tourists and help them explore the nature as well as the spiritual side of Himalayas asthey wish. There are no set plans or tour packages and each tour itinerary is designed according to needs of guests, time period and local conditions like amount of rush, weather etc.
Contact us via contact form on the right or email to learn more.

BySoul Mountain Expeditions

Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun Trek

Har ki dun, the valley of Gods is below the Fateh Parvat and is a very scenic valley in the midst of the Himalayan beauty, of Gharwal. The route most popular with the trekkers is via Govind National Park. We take this route and come across a lot of insects and lovely chirping birds, flowers and animals like the musk deer, wild goats and so on. You will also see glaciers and mountain streams, forests in the Alps and rolling Meadows. The trek being easy you can get the thrill of observing the beautiful and majestic mountains. Anyone in relatively good health can attempt this trek as it is easy.

Tour Details:

TRANSPORT: In private or shared car with driver and foot.
ACCOMMODATION: Camps, guesthouse.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to medium.
ACTIVITIES: Trekking, Bird watching, Meditation, Hiking, sightseeing, bird watching, wildlife spotting, camping
DURATION: 7 to 9 Days
MEALS: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
COST: US $ 200 onwards

Trek Schedule

DAY 1: Arrive at Sankri
From Rishikesh we reach Sankri, our destination in 5 hours and from Dehradun we reach there in 7 hours. Sankri is located at an altitude of 2000m. We reach there in the evening and relax for the day. We explore our natural surroundings and look at the lovely snow covered Himalayas. We stay in the camp for the night. The option of staying in the guest house is also available.
DAY 2: Sankri to Seema – Taluka
A hot cup of tea in the cold morning is exactly what you need, along with your breakfast. We, then start the trek as we walk to a small hamlet called Taluka, 12 kms aindia-himalayas-mountains-viewway. IT would take around 4 hours and we partake of our lunch there, then we have some rest to relax our tired legs and again start walking to reach Seema village at 2700m altitude, 14 kms away. While trekking you will encounter very beautiful flowers, such as the roses and some plants like the deodar and chestnut. If you feel that 26 kms in a day is a lot to take, we can extend this trip in two days, staying at Sankri for one night and Taluka for the other. A pleasant waterfall meets us as we approach Taluka
DAY 3: Taluka – Osla
Now, we proceed to Osla, which is a small hamlet amongst the natural, lovely surrounding mountains. If we are lucky we may also see some wild boar, leopard, deer and such animals and birds. We stop at Dhatmir, for rest and relaxation. And then resume our walk as we are constantly met with scenery along with wild orchids, and butterflies. Dinner and night in the tent.
DAY 4: Osla – Har Ki Dun
Packing up our camping gear at Osla, we trek towards our next destination, Har ki Dun. 11kms away from Osla and it takes about 5 hours to reach there. Here we see the glorious glaciers Swargarohini and Juandar at 6200 m altitude. The scene does not change much, but the beauty of the glaciers is breathtaking. Reaching our camping site, we set up our tents and spend the day relaxing there, enjoying the lovely and serene surroundings of the Himalayan Mountains and the forests. We have a day free at Har ki Dun, where we can do some of our own exploration and discover the place. Sunset and sunrise there are exceptionally beautiful.
DAY 5: Har Ki Dun – Osla
Back to Osla on our return trip. We walk to Taluka if the tourists want to and enjoy beautiful sights again. As the route gets familiar, we are more relaxed and can better appreciate the wonders of nature that we observe. Shortcuts are available and can be taken if wanted to reduce the time taken by an hour or so, but they are not meant for all.
DAY 6: Osla – Sankri
From Osla we trek for another long 26 km to reach Sankri, taking about 9 hours or so. Again, the early morning we start early to reach Sankri before dark. We put up a bonfire and enjoy our last night in the lap of the Himalayas.
DAY 7: Back to Rishikesh, Dehradun etc.
Back to our destinations with memories forever.

BySoul Mountain Expeditions

Roop Kund 6 Days Trek

Trekking to Roop Kund ( 6 Days)

A small remote lake in the deeper parts of the Himalayas is Roopkund. This has gained popularity after a heap of remains of people was found here. The theories are many. It could be that the people were pilgrims, lost their way and were destroyed by storm, or it is also possible according to some that they were a part of the team of Zoravar Singh of Jammu and were on their return journey from Tibet, after a raid. Whatever may be the reason, the lake is very pretty, on 5000m altitude and in the mountainous feature called Trishul in Gharwal in Uttarakhand. You will pass through amazing greenlands and forests and will encounter many small mountain streams. Thought not mandatory, some previous trekking experience might help. This trek is relatively easy, and you might also encounter some snow.

Tour Services:
TRANSPORT: On foot, car or SUV with driver.
ACCOMMODATION: guest houses, home stays & campsites.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Medium to Expert. Prior experience in trekking desirable.
ACTIVITIES: Trekking, Camping, Mountain climbing, Bird watching, Motorcycle rides, Hiking, Meditation (Optional)
DURATION: 6 to 7 Days
MEALS: By choice
COST: USD 1200 onwards india-himalayas-mountains-hiking trips

DAY 1: Drive from Rishikesh to Mundoli
As we take a car, and drive to Mundoli, we will pass destinations like Rudraparayag, Devprayag, and some other little villages. It is an 8-10 hour drive, with a few halts for lunch, etc. At night we stay in camping in Mundoli.
DAY2 : Drive from Mundoli to Bedni Bugyal via Wan
Early next morning we begin our drive to Wan (10 km) and this is the place where the real trek, begins, We take our gear form the cat , and take the trail to Bedni Bugyal ( altitude 3350 m), and trek for about 4 hours (11km) . Bedni is beautiful. There are meadows, forests, flowers and the site is ideal for camping too. You will find some locals with their sheep for grazing. One more day is spent here, to get acclimatized.
DAY 3: Trek from Bedni Bugyal to Bagubassa
Baggu Bassa meaning a place of flowers in the local Gharwaali dialect is at an altitude of 4100 meters. The name is apt as you will soon see. A wide variety of blossoms and flowers spread out over the area; include the Brahma Kamal (a type of lotus). This flower is characteristic of growing in such high altitudes. As we climb higher and the air is more rarefied, we find it more and more difficult to climb each step. A walk of 10 km today makes us reach our campsite. But the altitude is constantly increasing till Roopkund. If we attempt to reach Bagubassa early, we have a better chance of acclimatization. . We stay here for two more days. Sometimes, we might have to stay longer if the weather conditions are unsuitable.
DAY 4: Trek from Bagubassa to Roopkund
We start day 4 with more trekking to the Kaluka Vinayak Pass, and pass through the Pathar Nachwani. If the snow gets soft with sunrise, the climbing gets tougher, so it is a good idea to start a little early. You will be stupefied with the majestic view of the Himalayas and its magnificent peaks like Badrinath, Trishul, Nanda Devi, and many more. Some high altitude pastures cross our way, too, which is mostly hidden by snow for most of the year. We then reach Roopkund. Here you may see the human and horse remains centuries back.
If you go to Roop Kund and do not climb the Junargali peak, it is a pity. The peak is on the ridge. The ridge is at a height of 100 meters. Unless the weather does not permit, you should attempt this. Enjoy the view of the lovely lake, surrounded by beautiful scenery all around. Walking down the slope to our camp, we call it a day as we reach Bedni Bugyal or Bagu Bassa and have dinner there. Night stay at camp under the open sky.
DAY 5: Trek from Bedni Bugyal/Bagubassa to Wan
From here, the return to Wan begins; We will have to go through Bedni Bugyal, if our night was spent at Bagu Bassa. This journey is relatively easy to do, as the air now gets thicker, the altitude also gets comfortable. This path is lined with forests of Rhodederon and the climb over the ridge to Wan village is also very scenic. Night at campsite.
DAY 6: Drive from Wan to Rishikesh
Breakfast and then a good bye to the Bugyals, as we return to Rishikesh.