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Soul Mountain Cottages

This peaceful accommodation is located inside a family owned apple orchard and we take great care to ensure that the trees and functioning of the apple orchard isn’t hampered  in any way. It’s situated at distance of about 20 km from main Shimla town surrounded by forested areas, numerous fruit orchards and offers great views of lush green valleys and mountains all around. This accommodation offers following facilities:

  • Each room is a private luxury tent with attached bathroom.
  • Activities like farm tours, village tours and short day hikes.
  • Introduction to auxiliary activities like bee keeping, fruit harvesting, processing and few others.
  • Individual and eco-friendly accommodations for tourists seeking peace and quiet.
  • Simple and nutritious local food prepared from locally sourced ingredients.

soul mountain cottages

TARIFF: INR 3000 per night with breakfast.


BySoul Mountain Expeditions

Chandra Taal Campsite

Chandrataal means lake of the moon and is situated in Spiti at an altitude of 4300 meters surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and sights. It is a popular destination for campers and hikers and also is an important stop for numerous trekking routes in the region. We operate a campsite near the lake during summer season when the roadChandrataal lake campsite route is open for traffic. It is situated about 3 kms from the lake and  about 12 kms from the Kunzum La. Chandra river flows just a few hundred meters from the camp site and it’s source, Samudri Tapu is visible not so far away. We can also arrange for a trek to Samudri Tapu for our more adventurous guests, In this campsite, you can meet other adventurous travellers, our  staff from neighbouring villages, hard working  local Gaddi shepherds and their flock of yaks, sheep, goats and mules guarded by their loyal dogs.

It’s common to spot various types of birds and animals like wild yaks, ibex, pika, marmot, Himalayan Griffon at different times and locations. Some of our lucky guests have spotted Himalayan wolf and the ghost like snow leopards too.

 Services Offered:

1) 1, 2 and 3 person tents for individuals and couples. Larger tent for larger groups.
2) Hot meals, tea, water on demand. Menu is rather limited due to remoteness of the place.
3) Quilts, blankets, ground mats and sleeping bags.
4) Basic toilet facilities.
5) Bonfire in campground if enough wood and fuel is available.
6) Ample parking space.
7) Freedom to bring your own camping gear and use our space. Chargeable.

How To Reach:

1)  If  coming from Manali, 16 kms drive from Batal.
2)  If driving from Kaza, drive down Kunzum La pass towards Batal and follow the route.
8-9 kms hike from Kunzum La through highly rugged and beautiful terrain.
Transport in a shared or private taxi is available on request and availability.

Important Information For Travelers:

1) Regardless of duration of your stay, please bring wind-cheater, warm clothes, thick socks, sun-screen scarf, hat and sun-glasses to protect from cold, strong wind and sun.
2) Please don’t litter or dispose of bottles, wrappers and plastic in Spiti. Please bring a trash bag and take back your trash with you for a safe disposal.
3) If you have a history of heart disease, breathing problems or blood pressure issues, please consult your doctor before undertaking such a trip.
4) Phones usually don’t work in the region. BSNL works in a few places, but coverage is very limited.
5) Please bring a water filter bottle instead of buying packaged water.
6) It is a protected wild life sanctuary. So don’t play loud music or harm flora and fauna.


  • Luxury tent with beds and attached toilet : INR 2000 per person with breakfast, dinner, tea and snacks.
  • Large tent With Beds and shared toilet : INR 1500 per person  with breakfast, dinner, tea and snacks.
  • Small tent with bedding on floor and shared toilet : INR 1300 per person  with breakfast, dinner, tea and snacks.          
BySoul Mountain Expeditions

Forest Gaze Guesthouse, Shimla

Forest Gaze at Misty Meadows is a small family run guesthouse which provides a home like ambiance to enjoy your vacation in peace. Situated at an about 15 minutes drive from main Shimla city, this homestay is a perfect place to spend a few peaceful days if you want to stay near Shimla but don’t want the crowds and noise of the city. 15 minutes drive will bring you to Shimla while 10 minutes in other direction will take you to Kufri and other attractions like Chail, Naldhera, Fagu and others. The property overlooks lush green valleys and mountains of Kufri and offers majestic views of forest covered mountains in front. Shimla homestay room

This guesthouse property offers one full independent floor with 3 rooms with bathrooms, one shared kitchen and a large common area. Two of the rooms have private balconies with view of forested valley in front. It is a perfect spot for almost all type of travels including weekend getaways, long summer or winter vacation in mountains or as a rest stop between destinations. The property is inspected and approved by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation and follows all the necessary guidelines.


1) Well furnished rooms with clean attached bathrooms.
2) Regular housekeeping and cleaning.
3) Local Himachali and north Indian food on order.
4) Pickup and drop from bus station, railway station or nearby places on chargeable basis.
5) Taxi for hire for day excursions or longer trips.
6) Paid parking.
7) Facilities for various tours, hikes like visit to apple orchards, village tours, day hikes etc.


Forest Gaze at Misty Meadows Homestay
Near primary school, Bhatta Kufar
Phone: +91-9459365853

Important Information For Travellers:

1) The temperature stays in mid twenties even in summer with frequent rains.
2) A limited food menu of what can be prepared in a home kitchen is available.
3) Playing loud music and littering is not allowed.
4) Short day tours and activities like farm visits, day hikes and car for hire available on request.


INR 2500 per day per room. Meals on ala-carte basis.
Discounts offered for long duration stays.