Travel For The Soul
  • Soul Mountain Cottages

    soul mountain cottages orchard

    This peaceful accommodation is located inside a family owned apple orchard and we take great care to ensure that the trees and functioning of the apple orchard isn’t hampered  in…

  • Chandra Taal Campsite

    Chandrataal lake campsite

    Chandrataal means lake of the moon and is situated in Spiti at an altitude of 4300 meters surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and sights. It is a popular destination for campers…

  • Forest Gaze Guesthouse, Shimla

    View from window of the homestay in Shimla

    Forest Gaze at Misty Meadows is a small family run guesthouse which provides a home like ambiance to enjoy your vacation in peace. Situated at an about 15 minutes drive from…