trip to shimla


Travel For The Soul
February 2016

Soul Mountain

trip to shimla

This property is still under construction and is expected to be ready by middle of 2016. The construction work is still going on as of now and when it’s finished, it will be a great accommodation for tourists looking forward to spend a few days away from crowds and noise of big cities. The land is an apple orchard and we are taking great care to ensure that the trees and functioning of the apple orchard isn’t hampered  in any way. It’s situated at distance of about 20 km from main Shimla town surrounded by forested areas, numerous fruit orchards and offers great views of lush green valleys and mountains all around. When finished, this accommodation will offer following facilities:

  • Activities like farm tours, village tours and short day hikes.
  • Introduction to auxiliary activities like bee keeping, fruit harvesting, processing and few others.
  • Individual and eco-friendly accommodations for tourists seeking peace and quiet.
  • Simple and nutritious local food prepared from locally sourced ingredients.


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