Lahaul Spiti Tours

Following are some of tour packages for Lahaul Spiti region. The itineraries, accommodations and few other aspects vary according to season, road conditions, weather and can be customised to some extent to suit preferences of the travelers. If you have a special requirement or need a custom designed travel itinerary of Lahaul Spiti region with different duration or places, it can be arranged too. Lahaul Spiti Tours

  1. Shimla Spiti Tour. 7 Days
  2. Spiti Road Journey. 7 Days
  3. Shimla Spiti Manali Trip. 11 Days
  4. Shimla, Kinnaur, Spiti, Manali Tour. 13 Days
  5. Spiritual Journey of Lahaul Spiti
  6. Lahaul Spiti Trip For Couples
  7. Spiti, Manali and Mcleodganj Trip
  8. Lahaul Spiti Custom Tours


  1. Chandra Taal Lake To Samudri Taapu Glacier Trek .
  2. Hampta Pass to Chandra Taal Trek
  3. Chandrataal lake day hikes
  4. Short treks near Kibber & Chicham