Chandra Taal To Samudri Taapu Trek (2 days)

Chandra Taal To Samudri Taapu Trek

Trek to Samudri Taapu from Chandra Taal is a short one but is ranked as a medium category trek due to altitude (4300 m) and difficulty of terrain. Samudri Taapu is one of the origins of Chandra river which flows through Spiti valley and later becomes the mighty Chenab. It’s an ideal trekking and camping trip for trekkers who want to test their skill and stamina in  comparatively high altitude  and tough terrain.

DAY1 : From Lake to Glacier. himachal-pradesh-chandratal-lake-hike

We’ll start walking from Chandra Taal and trek alongside Chandra river as it flows on our left. The terrain is rocky, sometimes unstable and criss-crossed by ridges and small mountain streams.  Only people that you might find on way are the occasional Gaddi shepherds. After a walk of 4-5 hours,we’ll reach one of the origins of Chandra river at end of the ridge and halt for lunch. After a bit of rest, we’ll cross the small plateau to set up camp at some distance from the glacier. We can walk to the glacier from there to explore the area. Sleep in tents under the clear night sky.

DAY 2 : Trek Back.

For coming back, we have two options. We can either walk back the same way or use the short cut via rope way which is used by local Gaddi shepherds to cross Chandra river sometimes.The latter is a bit dangerous at times and not advisable if you are carrying a heavy back pack.  It must be done only under supervision and never alone. After crossing the rope way, we have to climb up a mostly dry waterfall which is running only during rainy season. Walk back to our campsite takes about 60-70 minutes from there. We can also spend a day in campsite and explore the area further if desired.

Services Provided:

  • TRANSPORT : Trek on foot.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Campsites.
  • ACTIVITIES:  Trekking, Camping,  Mountain climbing,  Bird watching,  Volunteer activities (Optional)
  • DURATION: 2 to 3 Days
  • MEALS: By choice
  • COST: US $ 100  onward